WEARING: Vintage slipdress, Urban Outfitters tights, Vintage windbreaker, New Balance sneakers
Do you every buy grey hair dye only for it to turn your hair bright blue? That's the kind of week I'm having right now. Terrible hair jobs/finals stressing is always cured by a cute little museum date, so I threw on some of my favorite pieces and (for once) didn't cover my head with a baseball cap. 
This black slipdress is so problematic, I love it to death but it never quite hangs right and I always spend the day pulling it down or adjusting everything. Throwing off proportion as usual was the best vintage purchase I've ever made, this massive Nike windbreaker that drowns every look and remains the center of attention. Slipped underneath was my fishnets, something I honestly don't delve into often enough but always wish I could. Fishnets have always been fashionable to me, it's just a matter of pairing them with the right pieces. Finally, my New Balances added a sporty finish to complement the windbreaker while offsetting the fishnets, but most importantly kept me comfy as I stomped through Balboa Park. 

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