Wearing: Minkpink coat, American Apparel dress, Missguided bag, Zara flats
While packing for college over the summer, I finally had to come to terms with my jacket-purchasing addiction as I physically couldn't fit all of my coats into one suitcase, let alone a dorm closet. Therefore I was forced to take only the basics (one denim, one leather, one track jacket, one windbreaker) and leave the rest at home. But on the bright side, coming home for Thanksgiving weekend to cold weather and a closet full of my beloved jackets made me indescribably happy. 
This beauty from Minkpink, which infamously cost me a parking ticket on Melrose Ave, is undoubtedly one of my all-time favorites. It's cozy factor is unmatched, and the shearling lining adds so much drama to anything it's layered on. For an early brunch outing I just reached for simple neutrals and dainty accessories to let fur take every spotlight. 
Next stop: leather shearling coat. Please let me know of any in particular you've seen/loved, I need inspo!

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