WEARING: Collections Etc Jacket, Vintage corset, Urban Outfitters jeans, Steve Madden booties, NB Trendy necklace
Last night I had the pleasure of attending night 1 of reveLAtion. It was so much fun to finally feel back in my element, watching designers send their carefully curated masterpieces down the runway to the delight of me and countless like-minded creatives. Makany Marta and Maggie Barry both blew me away with their collections, but Maggie Barry's space-goth/athleisure/steampunk swimwear vibes served me with serious doses of Spring inspiration. 
Any night that serves as opportunity to wear my leopard coat is a good night indeed. For once in my life I went sultry rather than tomboy; a finely detailed corset and skintight jeans were worn with sky-high booties instead of my typical superstars. A change in style felt strange but exciting, and served as a reminder to myself to switch things up every once and a while. My closet (and Superstars) will definitely thank me. 

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