WEARING: Thrifted button down, H&M tee, Vintage skirt, Public Desire sandals, NB Trendy necklace
Fun fact: last time I wore this shirt, I got way too excited about my french toast arriving and accidentally ripped a huge hole in the right sleeve. I think that says a lot about me as a person. 
I'm obsessed with mixing up different shades/textures of black in one outfit. Despite it being a fundamentally simple color, experimenting with black can add such depth to any look. My favorite vintage miniskirt is always a go-to, I've taken it everywhere from fancy dinners to Taco Bell runs and everything in between. This chopped H&M top has been worn and washed enough to give a faded color- not entirely black but not entirely grey. Balancing the darkness was my Melrose Trading Post choker, ripped paisley top, and absolute favorite sandals. Tearing myself away from black shoes/Superstars is painful, but I really need to break these babies out more often. 

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