WEARING: Collections Etc. jacket, Vintage Levi's jeans, American Apparel tank, Steve Madden booties, NB Trendy necklace, Missguided bag
The world's least consistent style blogger is back in the game! You're tired of hearing this, but I'm so sorry for being terribly irregular. Schoolwork has me drowning; I'm finding myself with absolutely zero time to dedicate to this blog and that breaks my heart but I'm trying my best to work everything in together. And anyways, nothing beats a homework-induced bad mood like throwing on a ridiculously nice outfit for a Monday night and running out to get the best iced coffee with my boy. 
Months after buying it online I FINALLY got to take my beloved leopard coat out of my bedroom and on the streets for the first time. I'd been on the hunt for the perfect leopard coat for an eternity, but they all seemed expensive or simply nonexistent. Then out of nowhere I find this insanely cheap beauty on Amazon, and I'm hooked. I can't wait to break it out with as many looks as I possibly can, but for starters I threw it on over my other new exciting addition- frayed jeans! The frayed jeans trend is still emerging, so I'm pumped that I got my hands on some perfect vintage Levi's to chop. 
From here on out I'm going to genuinely try to put aside the time and blog, so much of my happiness stems from this website and everything it's given me. Yay for keeping my sanity! 

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