WEARING: Dressfo top, Vintage Levi's jeans, Public Desire shoes
This is one of my favorite looks of mine, maybe it's because of the light colors and general dreamy-ness or maybe it's just because I'm feeling spiffy in my brand new shoes. 
I've been looking for this top FOREVER, and I finally found it thanks to Dressfo! I'm not a personal fan of strapless tops because I'm a bit broad shouldered and the not-so-proud owner of a million different tan lines, but something about this flowy, soft, simple piece just speaks to me. I'm already picturing it with a thousand different combinations for a thousand different vibes, let's hope I can wear the heck out of it before temperatures drop. For it's first time out, I went with an all-light color palate with some delicate necklaces, my favorite jeans, and some strappy new Public Desire sandals. Shoutout to me for buying shoes that aren't just black or white! 
Find my top here

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