WEARING: Vintage Jacket, American Apparel tank, Urban Outfitters jeans, Juju Jelly shoes, October's Very Own hat, JORD watch
I know, I know, it has been forEVER since my last post. But I'm here, I'm officially a college student, and I'm happier than ever! 
Here's a quick little look for doing last minute Target/Trader Joe's dorm runs. Deciding which clothes would make the suitcase to college was so hard, but I stuck with things that I know I'll wear very very often. That meant a ton of edged-up basics, just enough statement pieces, and things just simple enough to be versatile but just interesting enough to be undeniably me. Of course this satin bomber made the cut, arguably one of my best thrift stores and one of those pieces that will most certainly be passed down to my children/cats. 
Please excuse me in the next couple of weeks, I'm completely new to this area and juggling my first year of college so my posting will definitely not be consistent! 

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