WEARING: Calvin Klein bralette, Vintage trousers, Adidas shoes, Forever 21 bracelet
Part 1/3 from a super fun photoshoot with my love Isabella (@_roonie on insta check her out)! 
Getting back to my roots of pure, disproportionate minimalism. High waisted trousers with a crop top is honestly my favorite combination known to man. It can be so widely interpreted while still holding a timeless sense of style. To play around outside of my usual color spectrum, I dug up my shell pink trousers to flow with a clean white Calvin bra. And of course, would it really be a true "me" outfit if there weren't Superstars involved??? I try to wear other shoes, I really try. It's just so hard when you're so madly in love. Adidas, why/how are you doing this to me?

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