WEARING: Calvin Klein pants, Forever 21 crop top, Chinese Laundry sandals, Forever 21 bag
A week or so ago at the Greystone Mansion, one of the prettiest places with nothing but blooming roses and killer views. 
Wearing pants during the Summer in LA is such a ridiculous concept to me that I sometimes forget that I own a single pair. I'm so conditioned to grabbing my Levi's shorts or a breezy dress to combat the heat, but there are plenty of ways to rock your favorite pants even in high temps. The key is balance: long pants+crop top=not feeling suffocated by your own clothing. Keeping things light and minimal on top gives you freedom to brush off your full length jeans any time of year.
Try it out this week (or maybe not, you know, the whole "hottest week of the year" thing) and let me know what you wear on insta!! 

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