WEARING: Urban Outfitters romper, Pacsun kimono, Chinese Laundry sandals
Leave it to me to wear two of my lightest, billowy-est pieces on a windy day. I had a huge "I have absolutely nothing to wear/I hate every piece of clothing that I own" meltdown about 10 minutes before I was supposed to leave my house, so I just grabbed the first two things that slightly coordinated and left the house in a flustered mood. 
I spent the day at the Getty, another item on my LA-to-SD bucket list because I've surprisingly never been before. I honestly prefer modern and contemporary art to classical art, but I still appreciated the massive collection of beautiful artwork- not to mention the amazing views and architecture of the building itself!
Part of my self-frustration is because I feel like I'm in a bit of a fashion rut. My closet is absolutely overflowing and that just makes it harder and harder to put together a decent outfit, because I go into panic mode and just grab the same 4 things that I know and love. I feel pressured to maintain a certain style and aesthetic for the sake of this blog, and I'm constantly worried about seeming "fake" due to collaborations and sponsored posts. Before leaving the house I spend hours panicking about what I'm going to wear/how it matches everything else I've worn recently/if it's post-worthy/if it matches where I'm going that day. I impulse-buy random things at thrifts just because they're cheap or interesting, then I only wear them once or twice. I was up until almost 3AM cleaning out my wardrobe from the inside out. I don't know if this will help my frustration, but I hope I start to revive my creativity and get some fashion-juices flowin in my brain. I genuinely love fashion and I love this blog, and I always try my very best to create original content and stay true to myself while exploring my personal style. I'm truly sorry if sometimes I fall short. 

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