WEARING: Vintage dress, Steve Madden booties, Missguided bag, Victoria's Secret PINK bralette, Ray-Ban sunglasses
It's been one of those days. Those days where you drop everything, bump into everything, and your hair just won't cooperate. At least I have denim dresses and vintage headscarves to hold my hand and guide me through the hectic mess that is today. 
Like I've said before, the 70's boho aesthetic is something that I'm absolutely in love with but doesn't seem to quite fit me. I'm more comfortable in trousers and docs than flowy dresses, but that doesn't mean I can't admire them from afar and sometimes slip little hints of boho into my outfits. Today's insane heat seemed like a good opportunity for me to let my 70's side peek out. A denim dress, lace bralette, some booties, and an easy scarf were perfectly comfortable while I ran around making a fool of myself all day. 

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