WEARING: thrifted tee, Urban Outfitters skirt, Missguided bag, Zara loafers
Nostalgia is a weird thing. In two months I'll be moving to San Diego and starting college 150 miles away from my favorite city on Earth. I can't express enough my love for LA, and I know I'll travel far and wide in my life but always come back home to this sun-drenched home. I'm currently writing this post in a Culver City coffee shop that I've been frequenting for years, listening to Drake, and absolutely filled with bliss. 
Like I've said before, my Summer wardrobe is based on simplicity. My go-to summer formula is denim+a plain tee+comfy shoes+statement accessories+an iced latte, and this combo never fails. A denim pencil skirt is a refreshing alternative to stuffy jeans, and a huge tee has infinite possibilities to explore. Accessories were simple yet complementary, and the comfy shoes ingredient was satisfied by my favorite new loafers. All that was left was the iced latte, and the stain on my shirt from being too excited about it. I'm a mess. 

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