WEARING: Urban Outfitters skirt, thrifted top, Steve Madden booties, Missguided bucket bag
I am so sorry, it has been SO long since I actually had the time to write out a post! Partially because I've been very busy, and partially because senioritis is very real and I'm starting to slip into my dreaded trackpants/hoodies/sandals routine that I so desperately attempt to avoid when laziness hits. 
Anyways, yesterday was a very eventful Friday the 13th. I cruised Melrose with my best friend, almost got a tattoo, saw a horrible scary movie, drank my favorite Urth Caffe treat (cafe mocha granita- it's life changing I swear) and danced to throwbacks in 405 traffic. What else do you need for a Friday?! A denim miniskirt and sleeveless turtleneck, that's what. 

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