22 May

Hello and happy Sunday, my beautiful readers! I hope your weekend has been full of relaxation and happiness, and I hope you've eaten your favorite food at least once in the past two days. 
I'm working with my friends at Farfetch once again, this time creating my ultimate packing-list for my dream fashion getaway! I chose Milan as my destination-not only is part of my family from Milan, but I'm so infinitely infatuated with the creative hub that remains Milan's trademark. Everywhere you turn there's architecture, fashion, art, and food to consume at least four of your five senses at once. 
Here's a little compilation of what would be in my bag if I was jetting off to Milan for a Summer/Graduation vacay. 

How could I not start with my ideal bag? I don't care how lame this may sound, but if I won the lottery the first thing I would buy is high-end luggage. Carrying a timeless piece of luggage is one of the simple luxuries in life that I believe is vastly underrated. This bag has a classic shape, stitching, and color that makes an extreme statement while saying nothing at all. I can just picture this sitting on the shelf of my future Silverlake apartment, ready to be pulled down in the event of a spontaneous road trip or weekend getaway. I can dream, right? 

The undeniable most important factor of any summer vacation wardrobe is a swimsuit. I have a secret love for the 1960's style one-piece in that iconic red hue, although I've never found the perfect suit to satisfy this journey. This piece is perfect for lounging on the Italian coast, sipping on a fruity drink and reading high fashion magazines without a worry in the world. 

Frolicking through the historical architecture of Milan requires nothing less than the world's crispiest white button-down. This classic shirt is perfect for travelling, and the bell sleeves give it a unique touch. Although, as much as I can pretend like I'd wear this calmly throughout the day, my clumsy self would probably have pasta sauce somewhere on it before noon. 

And boom, here's my statement piece. Everything about this jacket is so intricate, and it's neutral color palate could be thrown on top of just about anything. To me this jacket is perfect for Italy- it's a standout yet subtle blend of classic beauty with modern humor. Milan is famous for it's  historical significance setting the scene for modern fashion, and I think that that is portrayed in this jacket. 

And finally, your dream travel sandal. I'm completely obsessed with mules, they have all the cuteness of heels with the comfort of sandals and a unique look to them that can't be captured with any other shoe. The geometrically modern design cuts through Milan's classic beauty, making any outfit stand out. Walking along cobblestone steps may not be a breeze, but everything else will be done in comfortably chic style. 
I hope you enjoyed my little Dream Vacay packing list, maybe someday I'll actually be packing for a Summer Milan trip! Check out the Farfetch Style Hub: What to Pack page for more inspiration!

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