WEARING: Urban Outfitters skirt and cardigan, Forever 21 necklace, Dr. Martens boots
I looked like a teacher from Matilda today and I am not complaining one bit. Urban Outfitters is having a huge sale, so naturally I went yesterday and had a surprising amount of luck. I came home with a huge haul, including my very own denim skirt, FINALLY. I've been on the hunt for a denim skirt forever, but I wanted this specific style while most stores only carry the button-down style. I finally have it, and I may never take it off. I let the mix of 70's/90's vibes flow with some basics, like a stiff white tee and grunge-y rusty cardigan. For finishing touches, a contrast of Docs and a gold statement necklace were all I needed to complete this modern throwback look.

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