WEARING: Urban Outfitters jumpsuit, Pacsun kimono, Forever 21 bralette, Forever 21 bamboo necklace, Steve Madden booties, Colourpop LAX Ultra Matte Lip
I call this look: "It's festival season but I'm broke so I'll just dress boho and smile through the pain" 
I never expected this jumpsuit to be such a staple when I pulled it out of the Urban Outfitters surplus all those months ago. Since then it's been paired with nearly every jacket, sweater, and shoes I own to mold any mood or style. I just never get tired of it. For a dark boho vibe I threw on this almost unpractical-flowy kimono, because honestly I feel 500x more confident when I walk down the halls and my outfit it dramatically flowing behind me in the breeze. One of my countless lace bralettes along with some necklaces were the finishing details, all weighed down by simple chelsea boots and deep red lips. 

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