WEARING: Topshop dress, Adidas shoes, NB Trendy/H&M necklaces, Colourpop "Limbo" Ultra Matte lipstick 
Yes, I'm aware that "As IF" has been the title of every even slightly 90's-inspired look I've worn on this blog. I'm allowed to be basic in some moments, and quoting the hell out of Clueless is one of them. 
This dress is literally straight out of the P.E. scene in Clueless, open another tab and Google it right now if you don't already know what I'm talking about. I'm obsessing over the clean color scheme and shape, a sewn-in t-shirt layer creates just enough of an athletic vibe without going too into the 90's. Naturally, I had to roll with my athleisure addiction by adding some little but powerful touches. First off were my Superstars, which instantly add a dose of sporty to any outfit while remaining fashion-forward. All else I needed were two delicate gold necklaces, a sleek low bun, and some grunge-tastic brown lipstick. 

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