WEARING: Urban Outfitters trousers, thrifted tee, Chinese Laundry platforms
I had a pretty rough morning and was in a very bad mood, until I opened up my blog and saw that I've reached 25k readers. So so so much love to each and every person reading this, you make my world turn.
Two of the things I love most in this world combined into one outfit, monochrome color palates and trousers. Wearing slightly different shades of the same tone create such an interesting dimension, it makes a huge statement by being so simple. I've bought several new pairs of trousers lately, including these cropped straight-legged beauties. Trousers just create the perfect look every time- they can be paired with almost anything, while adding more detail than simply wearing jeans. A beautiful blend of masculine and feminine, formal and informal, comfortable and completely put together. I just can't get enough.

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