WEARING: Zara pants, Ralph Lauren shirt, H&M sweater, Steve Madden boots, Coach bag
Springtime in San Fran! I have a very legitimate reason for not properly continuing the Spring Break Lookbook series while in LA-I went to the beach and got a sunburn. Not the "oh well, at least this will fade into a nice tan" sunburn, but a splotchy, waiting-for-the-sweet-release-of-death sunburn. Definitely not fun, and the thought of wearing any type of elaborate outfit was just not appealing. But I'm back!
As predicted, the weather up in my sister city requires layers upon layers upon layers. It is absolutely beautiful, sunny and clear outside, although the temperatures still hover in sweater weather. Luckily, I found a way to stay warm and cozy while squeezing in some Spring color! I literally have a stockpile of cable knit sweaters in my closet up here, the newest addition being this shell-pink loose fitting piece. I threw it on over one of my dad's button downs, and pulled on some grey cargo skinnies. Remember a few years ago, when cargo skinny jeans really had a moment? I hope that happens again, they are just so comfortable and amp up any outfit rather than just simple jeans. I was so comfortable and warm all day, and didn't feel drab at all within the beautifully sunny weather. Layers can get Springified, just loosen them up and change your color palette ever so slightly for a new season upgrade. 

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