WEARING: Calvin Klein pants, thrifted sweater, Adidas sneakers, Forever 21 necklace
What is it that I love so much about combining muted tones? The simplicity, timelessness, and ease of throwing together different pastels with some texture thrown in keeps me coming back for more. My high waisted Calvin Klein corduroys might be my greatest thrifting accomplishment, $5 and they fit me like a glove. Usually I pair them with a tee or crop top to accentuate the high waist, but today's chilliness had me reaching for my shell-colored floral sweater. I tucked in the sweater just enough to create a figure, slipped on my Superstars to balance the femininity, and added a last-minute statement necklace to tie everything together. Done, and I happily continued my day looking like a Grandma sipping lemonade in Palm Beach. 
On another note, happy International Women's Day! I am lucky to be surrounded by many empowering and confident women, both in my family and my friend group. I will always consider myself a feminist, women have come so far in society but we still have a long way to go before true equality is reached. Don't bash your fellow women, but EMPOWER them, and empower yourself until you're aware of how much you're worth. Be proud of your body, personality, and achievements and don't surround yourself with anyone who disagrees. Remember to appreciate the strong women in your life not just today, but every single day!

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