WEARING: Urban Outfitters dress, Celebrity Pink leather jacket, Steve Madden booties, H&M necklaces
This whole outfit is just such a mix of masculine/feminine vibes and I could not be more thrilled about it. This Urban Outfitters dress looks and feels like a dress shirt, while the lacy details keep it slightly on the girly side. It's finally warm enough to wear it, but my schools extremely sexist dress code requires that I cover up the spagetti straps (because honestly GOD FORBID the world notices that I, a teenage girl, wear a bra with straps. Are my shoulders that sexually triggering that I have to wear a jacket in 80 degree weather instead of acknowledging that I have a body???). Anyways, that's an argument for another day. I took this classically feminine dress and toughened it up with my leather jacket and booties, along with my usual mix of necklaces. I was overheating the entire day, but at least I followed the dress code and looked cute doing it. 

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