Today was the first day of Style Fashion Week LA! I can honestly say that tonight was one of the best nights of my life. I met some amazing people and got to sit in the front row with a perfect view of Hale Bob, Quynh Paris, and Franco Montoro's beautiful collections. Hale Bob's collection was full of Coachella vibes and beautiful boho summer looks, Quynh Paris was a dreamy collection of artistically stunning dresses as well as mod colorblocking, and Franco Montoro's show was an army of interestingly detailed dresses with a few chic bomber jackets thrown in. I was close enough to snap some great pictures while admiring the intricate detailing that went into every piece.
For my last-minute look today I experimented with a few different styles while staying within my favorite color spectrum-black. Each layered piece brings a new vibe to the table- high waisted trousers serve as a masculine/feminine contrasted base, sleeveless turtleneck as my beloved mod basic, my black faux fur coat and layered gold necklaces for some drama, and because my outfit is never complete without a little sporty touch, Superstars and a black LA Dodgers hat.

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