WEARING: For Love and Lemons dress, H&M slip, Steve Madden heels, vintage choker, Coach bag 
Last night was yet another blur of being surrounded by nothing but fashion, and I couldn't possibly be any happier about it. I sat front row to watch Rose Cottage, Cosmogyral, Toit Volant, and Michael Sta. Maria send their collections down Columbia Square's runway. Each collection was absolutely beautiful, but I found myself obsessing over Toit Volant's androgynous deconstructed button-down shirts as well as Michael Sta. Maria's ethereal gowns. To watch a designer's vision come to life six inches away from you is such a different experience than looking at pictures or videos; it has given me an entirely new perspective on the complexity and utter beauty of fashion. 
To get myself front row ready, I had to pull out the big guns- my For Love and Lemons dress that is as delicate as can be and a prized possession within my closet. The sheer black material balances with long length and sleeves to create an irresistible balance of sultry and conservative, a combination in which I can feel comfortable but not over-the-top. To keep the dress from entering costume territory, I kept my makeup natural with sleek hair and modernly geometric heels. Layered underneath was a simple black slip, although someday I'll muster the confidence to wear only high waisted briefs and a bralette. If I ever reach that level of confidence, I imagine Rihanna or Nicki Minaj will magically appear in my contacts and become my best friend. I'll keep you updated on that.  
Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend any shows today, but I'm attending several closing parties tomorrow night and you will definitely be seeing my outfit, if I ever decide what it is. 

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