WEARING: Vintage coat, H&M tee, Urban Outfitters jeans, thrifted belt, Dr. Martens shoes, Michael Kors watch, Target socks
Sorry for not posting yesterday, but Sunday was my birthday! I'm finally 18, a legal adult, and it feels so strange yet completely the same. I spent the day with family and a flight back to LA so there was no time to post, but remember to follow me on Instagram @ostermangio to always keep updated. 
"Under no circumstances should you mix navy blue and black." I've questioned it since I was very little, and finally chose to completely abandon it along with all other fashion 'rules' that just constrict the creativity of fashion. I wear what I want, when I want, how I want it, and an old-school rulebook will not keep me from mixing two of the best neutral colors. 
This vintage corduroy jacket is such a simple statement piece, as is anything made of corduroy in my opinion. I will literally buy corduroy anything, I feel like it's one of those qualities to a look that make everything intangibly more interesting. In this morning's preparation for the first day back to school after such an amazing spring break, I went the lazy route and just grabbed my easiest neutrals for an easy menswear inspired look. Also, I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but my new obsession is tucking my shirts in ever so slightly under a statement belt. It adds a different touch to each outfit, although mastering the perfectly slouchy tucked shirt is harder than it looks. 

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