WEARING: Urban Outfitters trousers, H&M tank, Urban Outfitters bralette, thrifted button-down, Chinese Laundry shoes
Forget all the other times I've said it: this is my new favorite outfit I've ever worn. I'm at my most comfortable when I'm absolutely drowning in my clothes, while somehow finding little loopholes to keep a slight femininity and me-ness that just makes me so utterly happy. Today was a swirl of silky, light as a feather material all piled on top of and tucked into one another. I started with the basics, my trusted high waisted trousers and black lace bralette. This H&M tank is the lightest possible thing I own, the shape is ever-shifting and it's cotton is so thin it practically dissolves in your hands. It was all weighted down by this flowing button down that I salvaged out of a Pasadena Salvation Army months ago. To vibe with the overall easiness, the only touches left were my two simplest yet loudest necklaces and platform sandals. 
I can't fully describe why this outfit was such a dream. Maybe it was how the tank so effortlessly tucked itself into the front of my trousers, or the peek of lace offered by the bralette every once and a while, or how the button-down created such a perfect blend of black and white from my head to toes. I don't know, but I'll definitely be repeating variations of this look until I find out. 

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