WEARING: Squaresville vintage skirt, thrifted top, Target Socks, JuJu shoes, vintage/H&M necklaces 
If you live in LA, you have been experiencing this ridiculous weather as well and hopefully you understand my sporadic style lately. If you don't live in LA, last week it was raining and this week it's in the high 80's, that's all you need to know. 
On the bright side, I can finally wear my skirts again!! I bought this skirt from Squaresville, my favorite vintage store in Los Feliz, months ago but haven't been able to break it out until now. I love the colorful but muted print, which will let me throw on any of my neutral tops. I started with my simple beige turtleneck and a few necklaces thrown on top. To throw caution to the wind and go all-out matchy matchy, I grabbed my beige knit socks and wore them underneath the versatile clear jellies. This is probably the most color-coordinated I've ever been in my entire life, and I kind of love it? 

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