WEARING: Vintage overalls, Gap thrifted tank top, Calvin Klein sports bra, Urban Outfitters cardigan, Birkenstock sandals, H&M+NB Trendy necklaces 
FACT: I absolutely cannot have a bad day when I'm wearing my overalls. Especially these ones, they're a basic color and shape but the destroyed legs add some edge to anything slipped underneath. They are ridiculously comfy, which is only made better when I roll with a loose grunge vibe like today. I reached for only neutrals this morning, starting with my Calvin Klein white sports bra and thrifted beige textured cami. Then came the overalls, of course, a perfect whole-in-one outfit maker. For finishing touches I just slipped on my old Birkenstocks, a couple necklaces, and a chunky rusty cardigan-although I spent very little time wearing it due to the sudden heat?? LA please make up your mind, my skin and wardrobe can't handle any more weather fluctuations. 

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