WEARING: Urban Outfitters trousers, thrifted top, Dr. Martens oxfords, Michael Kors watch
This is the comfiest outfit I've worn in quite a while, naturally it is 99% menswear. 
My slouchy-skinny black trousers are such a perfect piece; they serve the same purpose as my black skinny jeans but make every outfit a little more interesting. On top I just threw one of my countless menswear button ups, this little boxy top is so perfect to play with proportion. My chunky and masculine watch is always my favorite accessory, it either adds just enough edge or finishes the whole look off. For the slightest touch of femininity I rolled up the trousers to show some ankle between them and my oxfords, and piled on some 90's secretary lipstick. So easy, so comfortable, and so so chic. 

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