El Niño


wearing: Celebrity Pink jacket, H&M t-shirt, Forever 21 bralette, vintage skirt, Urban Outfitters tights, Dr. Martens boots, H&M bag
Rainy days and museums are such a dreamy combo. LACMA never gets old, every time I go I discover a new piece or exhibit that fascinates me. 
After months of waiting, the rain has started. Serious rain. Crazy rain. My only protection was endless layering with classic black and white. Starting with basic black tights and a bralette, I tucked a slouchy white tee into my favorite high waisted skirt for a simple and comfy look. My only rain-proof accessories were my moto and Dr. Martens, things that I probably wear too much but simply can't tear myself away from. 
And of course, the rain cleared to sunny skies within a few hours. 

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