Back In LaLaLand


wearing: Squaresville Vintage dress, Forever 21 bralette, Celebrity Pink jacket, Steve Madden booties, H&M bag
I'm back in LA and let me tell you, 70 degrees has never felt so good. Typically I'm used to the colder temps up north, but this trip was a doozy. Every day was under 50 degrees and windy. Being back in my sun drenched hometown makes me giddy and desperate for an iced latte. 
Normal LA winter fashion consists of any summer outfit in slightly darker colors and a lightweight jacket lazily thrown on top. This dress was a $4 score at one of my favorite thrifts, it's couch-like print was endearing to me and the low cut shape made it perfect for pairing with bralettes. For a flirty 70's vibe with my usual edge, I threw on my moto, chunky heeled booties, fringe bag, an layers of necklaces. And I got my iced latte.

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