What I Learned in 2015


It's just starting to hit me that 2015 has come to an end, and I can confidently say that this has been the best year of my life. Here's a little collection of the knowledge I've gained.
What I Learned In 2015:
1. Take risks. This year has presented so many opportunities to me, and I wouldn't be where/who I am if I had stopped to psych myself out of every decision. This year I've made new friends, gone out more, traveled, and tried three different hair colors. Instead of letting the opinions of negative people dictate my decisions as I have in the past, I now make choices based solely on intuition and how much money I'm willing to spend. 2016 is your chance. Don't think. Take the better job offer, go on that date, try something radical that you've been terrified of in the past. If it doesn't work out, it's an experience. If it does, it may change your life in more ways than you know.
2. Make time for you. It is tremendously important to enjoy spending time with yourself. As much fun as it is to work all day and party all night, never ever forget to spend a night in once and a while. Put on those embarrassing sweatpants (we all have a pair) and a facemask, light your best scented candles, make some cheap mac n cheese and watch your favorite movies. Go to a new coffee shop by yourself and read that book that's been sitting on your desk for months. By doing this, you learn who you truly are and begin to enjoy your own company. In the end, you're all you've got.
3.Don't be afraid to eliminate negativity. Negative people do absolutely nothing but bring down your attitude, and life is too short to surround ourselves with that energy. Surround yourself with people who lift you higher and push you to be the best version of yourself. True friends are the ones you can party with, have deep talks about life with, and go out for breakfast with the next morning. These are the people you will keep around forever. But, negativity is not limited to people. De-clutter your home, your closet, your fridge and your job. You will feel a weight lifted and be able to focus on what's important.
4. Get it DONE. Whatever it is. That project, application, homework, essay, anything. Do NOT wait until the last day at 11:59 because we all know it's not going to be as good. Put your phone on do not disturb, close all other tabs, Stop thinking about that cute boy or your weekend plans or all the other things you have to do. Just buckle down and do it. It feels so amazing to achieve a goal, even the tiny ones. Prioritize yourself and your work and you can keep calm later.
5. Care for your body. Eat fresh fruit and veggies as much as you can, try to remember to drink 1 liter of water a day, find an exercise plan that you love and stick to it. Get some sleep. Drink tea, try to be vegan for a day, and wash your face twice a day. Putting good energy into your body will fuel you, and it's easier than you think.  
6. Spread kindness. Every time you talk with someone you have the chance to make their day or ruin their day, always pick the first. Compliment that girl in line who's shoes you like, compliment the girl with bushy eyebrows that you wish you could pull off. Sneak a quarter into someone's meter if you see it running low. Encourage your friends and celebrate all of their victories, not just your own. Keep your circle of karma positive, peaceful, and loving.
7. Watch the sunset every single day.
8. Enjoy the little things. Spend $6 on that trendy latte, it's probably really good. Enjoy the little breakfast date with your best friend, the day off after a busy week at work, the improvement of a grade, that perfect parking spot (all my LA readers understand this struggle). Taking time to celebrate every little moment of happiness gives you a more positive perspective, and makes every day a good day.
9. You don't have to love a restaurant just because everyone on Instagram is loving it.
10. Explore. I spent so much more time outside this year, and because of this I know so much more about my surroundings. If you can afford it, hop on a plane and head off to another country. Or just check out that new restaurant that's off the beaten path. Explore an area of your city that you've never really paid attention to, or take a long hike that ends in a breathtaking view. Expand your horizons, this is how you grow.
11. Take pictures. Take pictures of your friends, your food, your car, your room, yourself. Take candids. Preserve everything that makes you happy so that you can look back and smile about it in the future.
12. Be present. Not everything needs to be snapchatted. Just lock your phone every once and a while and enjoy the moment while you have it. 
I hope 2015 brought infinite happiness and growth to everyone reading this, here's to slaying 2016.

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