Suga Suga


I've been dealing with a rare cold since Wednesday, rare because I NEVER get sick. I have this weird mentality in which I'm convinced if I continue to dress cute and pretend like I'm not sick, it somehow won't happen. This was my last cute outfit before settling into trackpants and green tea for the rest of the week. 
Fall in LA is such a joke, I have to wear sleeveless turtlenecks to fool myself into thinking the weather is actually changing. I decided to play with silhouettes by pairing my mod sleeveless turtleneck with a long flowy kimono, majorly distressed jeans, and chunky platforms. Despite my sore throat and constant sniffles, I stayed comfy and somewhat confident throughout the warm and breezy day. 
kimono- Pacsun
jeans- Aeropostale (self-distressed)
turtleneck- thrifted
necklace- H&M
shoes- Chinese Laundry 

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