I know there has been some weird breaks in my posting, but college apps/school/work have me pretty tied up lately AND my tripod fell over in the wind and broke. I've had zero time to shoot any of my outfits lately, but here's an old photo set to keep me occupied until I catch up with my everything. 
This real leather jacket was scored recently at a vintage store on sunset, and it was ready to roll as soon as I slashed the shoulder pads out. I'm completely obsessed with the fringe, it adds so much drama and interest to an otherwise basic staple. For it's first time out I threw it on over some basic pieces and chunky heeled booties. I can't wait to pair this jacket with as many pieces as I possibly can, hopefully I'll break out of my comfort zone as I wear it more. 
jacket- Buffalo Exchange (vintage)
tee- H&M
shorts- Levi's (vintage)
bralette- Forever 21
boots- Steve Madden

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