Think Pink


Finally overcame my hair-laziness and decided to spring for a new color. I briefly thought about going pink when I went in to dye my hair purple over the summer, but I got the feeling that it wouldn't suit me. I was so wrong! I absolutely love this color, and I plan on keeping it this way for as long as possible.
We're now suffering through that weird phase of "cold in the morning, but 90 degrees in the afternoon" here in LA. To keep myself from freezing/getting heatstroke, I layer with neutrals and light fabrics. I'm so obsessed with this huge linen top I dug out of my favorite thrift store, it drowns me in such a simple and chic way. To balance the flowy top, black skinny jeans and dramatic booties were needed. I just feel so at home within a pair of heels or platforms, maybe I was ridiculously tall in another life. My only accessories were the beloved MK watch, a strappy bralette, and my Aries necklace- unintentionally appropriate for the Mercury retrograde.
top- Vintage
jeans- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Steve Madden
bralette- NB Trendy
necklace- NB Trendy

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