Pink Out


Trousers are my one and only. 
My love for these pants is impossible to explain. The deep pink color, textured material, and ridiculously perfect fit keep me coming back for more and more. Paired with a simple crop, thrifted sweater, and jellies, a harmony was created that let the pants stand out while bringing out subtle details in the cozy cotton sweater. Not to mention my absolute mess of hair that desperately needs some root bleaching and TLC. 
It's college application season, so please bear with me and the possible hiatus that might go down! My education is a priority and I'm trying to handle this huge time in my life with all the calm and patience I can muster. 
pants- The Bearded Beagle (vintage)
sweater- thrifted
crop top- H&M
shoes- Juju Jellies 

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