HAVING PASTEL HAIR IS SUCH A PAIN IN THE BUTT. I absolutely love having pink hair, but I have a lot to learn about maintaining the color for more than a week. Any tips are welcome in comments/Instagram!!! I'm just gonna hold out until I have time to get my Kurt Cobain-esque roots touched up to get back in my mixing gloves. 
In case you didn't know, I'm a dress/skirt layering freak. The ease and simplicity of dresses beg to be layered with knits and accessories once temperatures cool down. This cotton white dress is particularly fun to layer, it's so summery and crisp. My go-to Dior cardigan added some much needed coziness, and a Forever 21 statement necklace gave just a touch of glam. Finally, my favorite accessory: my American Apparel denim backpack that has gone so far beyond just textbooks. 
dress- Vintage
sweater- Dior
backpack- American Apparel
necklace- Forever 21
booties- Steve Madden 

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