80's mom-at-a-parent-teacher-conference realness.
I very very rarely wear all body-hugging pieces, I usually stick to letting one feature stand out while slouching fabric over the rest. However, the possibility of a seashell pastel color palate was too good to pass up. 
Button-front skirts are having quite a moment right now, the 70's vibe is in and I couldn't be more obsessed. However, a vivid pink color bring it up a few decades. A plain white longsleeve contrasted perfectly, pink made the white brighter and white made the pink bolder. Superstars were another pop of crisp white, as well as contributing to the sporty/throwback feel. My American Apparel backpack was a perfect pastel to match, and one chunky gold necklace was all I needed to make a statement. 
skirt- Urban Outfitters
shirt- Forever 21
shoes- Adidas
backpack- American Apparel
necklace- H&M

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