Subway Surfers


Another amazing day off of school spent adventuring my city, completely car-free. One of my best friends and I spent the entire day riding the Metro, from Grand Central Market to Little Tokyo to Pasadena. Once again, so unbelievably grateful to have grown up in Los Angeles. As I get older I'm appreciating the diversity and acceptance this city offers, and being raised in the middle of it has given me a perspective on life that I don't think I could get anywhere else. 
Happy first day of Fall! My favorite season has arrived, and I'm still dressing like it's July. Hopefully this heat will pass soon and I can celebrate in an explosion of knits and leather. 
For a day with no itinerary (which are usually the most fun), comfy basics are a must. These Urban shorts are everything I look for- unique yet neutral color, high waisted, and stretchy enough to jump around. A basic white tee let the terracotta color stand out, with black accents such as my little cross choker and easy-to-walk-in oxfords. My Steve Madden cross-shoulder bag spends way too much time unworn, it's so easy to wear and easily fits my camera/headphones/random receipts without losing shape. 

shorts- Urban Outfitters
tee- H&M
bag- Steve Madden
shoes- Dr. Martens
sunglasses- Urban Outfitters

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