Golden Gate of Mind


I'm finally back in my happy place! Today started with a routine breakfast at the Pork Store and cruising some of my favorite shops along Haight, and the rest of the day was spent exploring parts of the city that were completely new to me. San Francisco never ceases to amaze me with new places and little nooks to discover. Purchases included a "cruffin" at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, some incense and a Buddha tapestry on Haight/Ashbury, and a little cactus I named Clyde because it reminded me of a 40's detective in a pin striped fedora. Please don't ask me how I think of things like that. 
Anyways, the city is surprisingly warm! It was such a beautiful and clear day, I didn't have to do my usual layering routine. I stuck with my comfiest henley that's thin and loose but still warm enough. To balance the proportion of my oversized top I put it over my lacy bralette and some skinnies, cuffed to show just a sliver of ankle. 

shirt- Urban Outfitters
jeans- Urban Outfitters
booties- Steve Madden
bag- H&M

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