Back to Black


Ah, a graphic tee and my leather skirt really bring me back to my style when this blog first began. If you don't believe me and have a lot of free time, just scroll my archives and try not to cringe. However, sometimes it's good to slip into some comfort-zone classics and appreciate how much my style has evolved over the past year. 
I'm so ready for fall to begin and temperatures to drop, I'm starting to wear darker colors and thicker fabrics to convince Mother Nature to hurry up. Thankfully I'll be back in San Francisco (finally) this weekend, so get ready to see some much needed sweater action!
PS: I finally changed my URL! We are now! I know I repeat this too often, but I am so so grateful for this blog, everyone who reads it, and everything it's done for me. Thank you.

shirt- Amoeba 
skirt- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Adidas Originals 

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