Seattle: Part 1 of 4


Hey again! This weekend was my little vacation to Seattle, I couldn't post because honestly I'm too lazy to carry my laptop with me when I travel. 
But anyways! It was my first time in Washington, and it absolutely blew me away. The abundance of nature is overwhelming, and being a stereotypical LA kid I was marveling at how green everything was. 
After a ridiculously early morning flight (made possible by LAX's Coffee Bean baristas), I just wanted to stay comfy for my first day of exploring. My traveling uniform is always a white tee, Adidas trackpants, and Superstars. Once we landed and got settled, I just swapped my sweats for loose trousers and layered on my Calvin Klein bralette. After a few sketchy hotel room selfies, I was ready to roam Seattle! 
Expect the remainder of my Seattle series sprinkled in over the next few weeks. Oh, and I have a MAJOR surprise coming! Love you all, I hope you had a wonderful and positive start to your week.

tee- H&M
bra- Calvin Klein
pants- thrifted 

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