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SURPRISE!!! I told you a big thing was coming, and boom! I finally have my purple hair!!!! I love it so much, it's the exact shade I've always wanted and I feel so confident! 
As much as I hate to admit it, summer is coming to an end. Suddenly, back to school sales are in every store and schedules are being shoved in my face with the constant "what classes did you get?!?!?" That being said, I'm trying to seize every classroom-free moment I have left in these last few days. 
Today's adventure with my best friend involved a photo shoot inside the whiteout hotel exhibition on Sunset Blvd. Please don't ask me how we got inside, it's not 100% legit and definitely not allowed. 
I just thrifted this skirt yesterday, and honestly I bought it partially because I knew it would look great with my hair. The mid-thigh length yet high waisted fit begged to be paired with a crop top, and this Forever 21 basic left just a sliver of stomach exposed. My favorite platform sandals completed the 90's vibe, and my usual basic accessories rounded everything off. 

top- Forever 21
skirt- thrifted
shoes- Chinese Laundry
bag- H&M

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