Last First Day


Today was my last first day of high school! It's slightly sad, but I'm also psyched out of my mind to cartwheel out of high school for the last time with my diploma and middle finger in the air. But still, being a senior a very peaceful feeling. 
First day of school outfits are tricky; you don't want to look like you're trying too hard, but you want to look cute enough to stand out. I went with a combo that's classic, comfy, and polished with a sporty twist. Step one was my favorite pair of cropped trousers, then a silky sleeveless top to stay cool in this zillion degree weather, then my beloved superstars. Shoes can completely change the vibe of any outfit: oxfords would make this look preppy, Docs punk, platforms retro, or booties glam. So to all my fellow shoe addicts out there, you keep doing what you're doing. My denim backpack from AA stood out from the black and white- I chose a denim bag because it's the perfect canvas to blend in or stand out from anything it's paired with. 

pants- Crossroads
top- Express
shoes- Adidas 
backpack- American Apparel 

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