Going Purple


Hello loves! 
I've gotten quite a few Tumblr questions about my hair, and I left them unanswered because I'd rather share my thoughts on this blog for all my readers to see. 
If you've been following me for a while or if you know me personally, you know that I've wanted to dye my hair purple for several years. It started in middle school, and was brushed off by my parents as a weird phase that every awkward pubescent girl must be going through. My mom clung to the virginity of my hair as if it was a holy characteristic that maintained who I was as a person. 
Fast forward a few years of begging and attempting to rationalize, I realized that I had the power to just leave the house and do it. I got in my car with my best friends, drove myself to the salon, and a few hours of later I had my dream hair. That was that. 
And no, I did not do it for the attention. Having a ridiculously unnatural hair color took some getting used to, and I definitely get double takes every time I go to Ralph's to get ice cream or walk in to a room of adults. But the important thing is, I am so happy. Honestly, who cares if some judgey moms stare at you when you're eating your veggie burger? Are you ever going to see them again?? I have never been happier with my appearance and I have never been more confident. 
The point of this post is: if you're looking for a sign to change something, end something, or start something: do it. This is your sign. Taking risks is part of life; something as simple as dying your hair or taking a scary new opportunity could give you an entirely new perspective and lead you down an exciting new journey. In my opinion, that's what living is all about. Take risks, do what scares you, do what makes you happy- because everything could be taken away from you in a moment. Carpe the hell out of that diem. 

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