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Straight Outta Compton is 100% the best movie I've seen this summer. Drop everything. Stop reading this post. Go see it. 
Simplicity is the driving force behind everything I put on. I find things more beautiful when they are stripped down to the bare minimum, No over-the-top embellishments, unnecessary details, or obnoxious trends. Just a few basics paired together to create something great. Simplicity stands out. 
That being said, I am most comfortable and happy when I'm wearing some of my favorite basic pieces together. There's nothing I love more than a wispy top that leaves plenty of room for a bralette to stand out. High waisted Levi's are a classic and endlessly versatile staple that can be found, with luck, at your nearest vintage store. A couple delicate necklaces and my absolute favorite Adidas superstars finish almost anything for me.

top- H&M
bralette- NB Trendy
shorts- Levi's (vintage)
necklaces- H&M, NB Trendy
shoes- Adidas

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