Elephant In the Room


My summer uniform lately has consisted of loose fitting pants and lace bralettes. Not only because it's too hot to wear real pants or real bras, it is an effortlessly cool combination that can mold to any setting. My go-to outfit combo is a black printed bottom and solid top, but today took a twist with some new kicks and a peekaboo of lace. 
These Elephant Pants are definitely one of my favorite pieces. Besides being completely weightless and comfy, a portion of every sale goes to the African Wildlife Foundation. They're available in endless colors, patterns and styles, so check the website out and grab a pair! Your closet and the elephants will thank you. 
I typically throw a solid black tee on top of these babies, but this morning I grabbed this thrifted boho top and my favorite bralette to show some midriff while I still can. As school and a dress code gets closer and closer, I'm wearing all the crop tops and short-shorts I can get my hands on. 
Finally, my friends at Steve Madden hooked me up once again with the best booties I've ever blessed my feet with. My love for cooler weather and absurd ability to do anything in ridiculously high heels made me reach for these babies just moments after walking in the store. They carry the perfect punch of drama, get ready to see them quite often on this blog. 

top- thrifted
bralette- Forever 21
bag- H&M
watch- Michael Kors
booties- Steve Madden

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