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Happy Monday! 
I'm completely in love with boho fashion and lifestyles, but for some reason I've never quite felt comfortable within the boho style. Unfortunately/fortunately, I'm more comfortable in a pair of black silk trousers and a turtleneck than in hippie dresses and flared jeans. Who knows, maybe somewhere along the journey of self discovery I have before me I'll go completely bohemian. I'll keep you updated on that. 
Anyways, sometimes I find ways to have a slightly boho vibe! This dress is actually my mom's bathing suit coverup, she bought it years ago and I've had my eyes on it ever since. White cotton is so effortlessly summery to me, and I love how soft and light I feel while twirling around (because dresses like this require constant twirling). The fabric is just sheer enough to let my favorite bralette peek out. A floppy hat, fringe bag, and simple necklace were the only touches I needed, along with my chelsea boots that can easily pass for boho if paired with the right pieces. 
Fleetwood Mac/Anita Pallenberg vibes out of the wazoo. Lovin it. 

hat- Topshop
boots- Steve Madden
bag- H&M
necklace- H&M

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