Weather has not been on my side lately. Gloomy skies, which I normally love, have been drenched in a constant warm humidity that you can physically feel entering your throat as you breathe. Gross. 
However, nothing can stop me from having my spontaneous summer days when I'm in the mood to roam. 
Unfortunately, before I learned how much I hate humidity, I decided to wear jeans for the first time in weeks. I was just dying to wear this shirt, a vintage boy's pajama top that is uber comfy but still nice enough to wear out. It matched perfectly with my default skinnies, and I couldn't help but wear my superstars to finish the masculine vibe. I know I've said this before, but these shoes are undoubtedly my favorite pair that I own. They go with everything, and for some otherwordly reason they are still remarkably clean. 
Big news! After having this blog for over a year, I'm finally going to switch URL's. In a few days, I'm switching to! If you forget, you can just google my name (Gio Osterman) or find me on Instagram (@ostermangio) and you'll end up here. Thank you guys so much for constantly sharing my little piece of the internet with me, I'm so excited to keep growing and it is all thanks to you. 

top- Vintage
jeans- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Adidas
bag- Coach 

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