Oh boy, I guess my involuntary mini-hiatus is over! A lack of sanity and resources in the past week or so has kept me from shooting and posting, and I can't even begin to apologize. This blog is such a big part of my life and my happiness, I hate being away from it. But I'm back!
Nothing says LA Summer more than a plain tee, some destroyed cutoffs, and sneakers. It's basic, but if played correctly it can be just as fashionable as any fancy getup. This thrifted double-pocket tee perfectly covered my high waisted shorts, recently chopped a few inches shorter and now dripping thread. My trusty Superstars have been a summer staple for me, they chameleon with any vibe or look. One long necklace was the single girly touch that finished everything off. 
I know I've been inconsistent lately, but I promise to post regularly starting now. Life gets crazy, but I just know that this chaos is pushing me towards something wonderful. Stay positive guys. 

tee- thrifted
shorts- Levi's (vintage)
shoes- Adidas 
sicks- Target
necklace- H&M

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