Seeing Melroses


 Hey there! Tons of crazy stuff has kept me from posting, but here's a quickie from my latest trip down Melrose. 
I recently (finally) bought the Calvin Klein sports bra I've had my eye on for years. I chose the white color because I knew I could pair it with anything, especially my sporty favorites. I first saw it with my silky black trousers, which are light enough for summer only if balanced with a crop top like my Calvin. The peculiar gloomy weather made me reach for my cozy Dior cardigan, and the sporty vibe of the look demanded some classic Adidas Superstars. One long delicate necklace was the only accessory I needed, it softened the look and balanced the sports bra. It took my ages to finally buy this sports bra because honestly, I was terrified of just wearing it as a top. Jumping into new fashion territory with new pieces or trends can be scary, but pairing them with your favorite oldies and tweaking them to fit your style can make anything approachable. The most important thing is to be COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT! 

bra- Calvin Klein
pants- Urban Outfitters
cardigan- Dior
shoes- Adidas 
necklace- H&M
bag- Coach

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